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Production Chemicals



Clearwell formulates, blends, and applies production chemicals, focusing both on preventative and curative chemistry, to enhance the lifespan of a producing well. Our technology driven production chemical offerings include chemicals to take on any application.  

Each chemical application is different, which is why we work with each customer to tailor a treatment solution for their well. 

Current Products offered:

Biostat                                                                  Paraffin Inhibitor

Boicide                                                                  Paraffin Solvent

Corrosion Inhibitor (Oil/Water)                           Scale Dissolver (Oil/Water)

Emulsion Breaker                                                Scale Inhibitor 

Foamer                                                                  Scavenger

Hexane/Xylene                                                     Tank Bottom Compound

Hyper Lift                                                              Toleune

Paraffin Dispersant                                             15% - 20% HCL



Please contact our sales office to obtain a full list of production chemicals at

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