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What We Do


Used in the removal of foreign material, primarily paraffin wax, our Hot Oil Trucks are a safe and cost effective way to successfully complete preventative and curative maintenance  to all production service units.


Clearwell formulates, blends, and applies production chemicals, focusing both on preventative and curative chemistry, to enhance the lifespan of a producing well. Our technology driven production chemical offerings include chemicals to take on any application.


Each chemical application is different, which is why we work with each customer to tailor a treatment solution for their well.


Clearwell believes that the key to a customized, proactive solution, is understanding the well environment and its fluid properties. To better appreciate our customers’ needs, Clearwell provides on-site or in-lab analysis on collected fluids. Our fluid/well lab testing services are the ideal combination of technical expertise and hands-on involvement, enabling our technical service teams to provide optimal solutions for our customers.

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