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Provide a Safe Environment
"Our goal is to ensure our employees and anybody we work with are in a safe working environment."

Clearwell has a long-standing and ongoing commitment to Health, Safety and the Environment in all aspects of its operations. The goal is to ensure its employees, and anybody they work with, are in a safe working environment. The foundation to Clearwells’ dedication to QHSE has been developed through the ARK program. ARK is derived from three key factors:  Awareness, Responsibility and Knowledge. Clearwell believes that by following the principles of ARK, every employee can strive to be a safety leader; Clearwell encourages its employees to take ownership of his or her own safety, and make the health and safety of people around them their primary concern.


Awareness - Our employees and the people we work with are constantly aware of their shifting surroundings. The intricacies of each job are communicated with our counterparts, and the equipment we use is inspected prior to its application.

Responsibility - We all have the responsibility to be aware of our surroundings; whether its our colleagues, customers or the environment. We take pride in maintaining the integrity of the environment with each and every job we perform, no matter what the hurdles.


Knowledge - We take pride in extensively training our people with the latest programs in safe land, H2S, driver education, and more. We are confident in the knowledge and skills of our employees, and our customers can feel assured that their job will be completed in a safe and efficient matter.

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